Sunday, May 24

Our strawberries love TerraCycle's worm poop!

Recently the kind folks at TerraCycle sent me a variety of their products to try including their infamous Worm Poop in a spray bottle. I immediately feed all my plants, inside and out, with Mother Nature's Purest Sustained-Release Plant Food and they loved it!

Worm castings (i.e. worm poop) are a potent, all-natural, eco-friendly plant food. Worms consume dead plant matter, and in doing so, they excrete a natural fertilizer known as castings which is rich in nitrate nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that is an ideal food for the plants.

While students at Princeton University TerraCycle founders (with the help of a lot of worms) developed a revolutionary way to process organic garbage, liquefy it into a convenient, ready-to-spray, form, and package it in used plastic soda bottles. (This story is outlined in Tom’s new book which I highly recommend reading!)

TerraCycle Plant Food™ can be sprayed on the leaves of plants and poured onto their soil. The plants absorb the liquefied worm poop and its nourishing nutrients much quicker and easier than they do from the dry form.

TerraCycle collects its used soda bottles by conducting environmental fundraisers at hundreds of elementary schools across the United States (i.e. The Bottle Brigade™) as well as partnering with numerous recycling centers as a source of used bottles. Currently the Bottle Brigade™ is in need of a sponsor in order to survive. (click here to read more)

Since the entire product is made out of garbage - from the contents to the packaging, TerraCycle Plant Food™ is the first mass-produced consumer product to have a negative environmental footprint.

How can you not feel good about using a product like that? Plus, it works!

  • Sold on-line and in stores such as Home Depot
  • Comes ready to use with no mixing required
  • Is packaged in reused 20-ounce soda bottles with an end-run sprayer
  • Contains all natural OMRI listed™ ingredients
  • Will not burn your plants or cause salt buildup
  • Easy weekly use
  • Can also be sprayed on leaves to help plants resist pests and disease
  • Can be refilled using 2-liter TerraCycle All-Purpose Plant Food™

I can't wait for our good looking strawberry plants to start producing good looking strawberries (and neither can my kids). I will try to post a picture of them before my kids eat them up but no promises.....


marina villatoro said...

These are the types of products that make me miss the states so much. Even though you can order it online, it will never get here or will be like a billion times more expensive!

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

That is a bummer!! I can only imagine what the shipping costs would be.

Kathleen W. said...

That's so cool! I love that you can just mix your own. I'm waiting on my Llama poop to come in the mail for a similar thing. It's something I'll be reviewing, assuming I actually get it. It's been a few weeks, come to think of it!

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Hmm…Llama poop. I can’t wait to read that review ;-) I wonder what they are going to ship it in.