Thursday, June 18

Garden pictures

It has been a while since I have posted pictures of our “garden” so I thought I would do that and show you how a few of our favorite sections/plants are coming along.

In this section we have a couple of zucchini plants, a row of strawberries and a row of peppers. In the boxes in the background are carrots, lettuces, and sweet peas.

Here is one head of lettuce. We have others of different varieties. We planted the tomatoes latter than the lettuce so we have just been having very yummy lettuce only salads.

These are my husband’s pride and joy. This is the first time we have grown peppers and I think they are growing very nicely.

My kids LOVE strawberries and can easily eat a pint each, every hour, which is why we have about 20 strawberry plants (half of which are covered by nets in an unsuccessful attempt at keeping the robins from eating them)

Here is 1 of the zucchini plants (I think 4 plants in all grew). I foresee lots of zucchini bread in our future.

On the other side of our yard are the loganberry bushes (my family’s favorites) which are just starting to ripen. If I am able to pick enough for a loganberry cobbler I will post that recipe. It is a family recipe that even I can make. ;-) My children are getting very use to have fresh picked berries with their breakfasts every morning. Here are a few of the golden raspberries that my daughter picked (which actually made it into the bowl) to add to her and her brother’s oatmeal.

I don’t know if it is my husband’s green thumb, the ample Pacific Northwest rain, Terracycle’s worm poop, the organic seeds, my families love and attention or a combination of all of the above but our “garden” is doing really well and producing way more than my family of 4 can eat. We will definitely be sharing with family, friends, neighbors, and passer-bys.

Hey, do you want some sweet peas? How about a zucchini? (or 7)


silverhartgirl said...

You have some big peppers. We planted several zucchini that are doing great. For strawberry plants (not enough) every morning my youngest son and my daughter go find wash and eat the strawberry. i have tasted one so far.You have a very nice garden,thanks for sharing.

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Now that you mentioned it, I don’t think I have actually tasted one of our strawberries yet. I am going to have to pick one for myself tonight, hopefully before the birds or the kids get to them. ;-) Thanks for the compliment on our garden!

Lisa Sharp said...

Looks great! I haven't gotten anything from my garden yet. Not sure what all will do well other than my green beans because I used seeds not seedlings (had no place to start them).

I need to do berries next year!!

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Thanks Lisa! I highly recommend berries next year although they can get a bit out of control ;-)

Jo said...

I found your blog through Lisa Sharp's and perused on over! Your garden is beautiful and I laughed when I saw the pictures of your husband's pride and joy! My husband's pride and joy are the anaheim peppers we plant every year. I think hot peppers are the masculine, macho plants of the vegetable garden!

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Thank you for stopping by. I love having visitors! And thank you for the garden compliment. It has been a lot of work but nothing beats fresh grown fruits and veggies. I totally agree with your masculine pepper comment. My hubby’s best friend is the same way! Too funny!