Monday, July 20

Discount code for TerraCycle's Worm Poop!

Remember a while back when I wrote this post telling you how much our strawberries loved TerraCycle's Worm Poop?

Well, now is a really good time to see how the fruits, veggies, and flowers in your garden like worm poop.

For a limited time (through July), I’m pleased to offer you TerraCycle’s first product, our award winning All Purpose Worm Poop Plant Food, the world’s first product made from waste and packaged in waste, at the lowest price we’ve ever made it available:
  • $3.50 each if you order 1-4 bottles (a 30% discount!)
  • $2.50 each if you order 6 bottles or more (a 50% discount!)

All you have to do is go to a dedicated TerraCycle website, and use the special code GROW.

The product stays good for a few years, so feel free to buy as much as you want.

May all of our gardens flourish.

Thanks for being part of TerraCycle.
Cheers, Tom

Tom Szaky,
Founder and CEO

As part of my thanks to you, and the students, friends and family who are collecting, feel free to share the website and password with your colleagues....

so that is exactly what I am doing, sharing a little worm poop with my friends!

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