Thursday, September 10

A Creative Reuse....

From toilet tissue holder to spirit stick!

While attending a local high school football game one of the cheerleaders threw a “spirit stick” to my daughter. She was so excited about catching it (with a little help from mom) that she immediately started shaking it. That is when she realized that it was not just a “spirit stick”.

She quickly began to unwrap it and found that underneath the pretty colored tissue paper & ribbons was….. a plain old toilet tissue holder. (The look of sadness on her face was quite priceless)

I encouraged her to look inside the plain old toilet tissue holder and sure enough, hidden inside were 2 suckers (talk about turning a frown upside down!)

She held onto those two suckers throughout the game and talked about all the places she was going to hide her brother’s sucker; in his shoe, under his pillow, under the mess on his desk, etc, etc, etc.

The cheerleaders said that they have been collecting the toilet tissue holders all summer and turning them into spirit sticks. I thought that was a very creative way to reuse toilet tissue holders not to mention bring a whole lot of joy to a bored little girl who has to sit through yet another football game.

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