Friday, October 9

3 R Friday

Welcome to 3 R Friday

A weekly series of simple tips geared toward helping you darken your shade of green. Easily.

Reduce: Reduce the number of plastic bottled water you drink by drinking tap water (filtered if you like) out of a glass while you are at home and at work. Fill up a reusable container when you are on the road.

Reuse: Reuse bath towels, both at home and at hotels.
Since you are using a clean towel to dry off your clean body you can use the towel for a few days before washing it.

Recycle: Recycle your old eyeglasses with the Lion's Club.

Hope you found these tips helpful. Feel free to share any tips you may have.

Have a Great Green Weekend!


Kathleen W. said...

Great tips, as usual Lena.

We reuse our towels a few times before washing. It's not like you're wiping off a dirty body anyway when you get out of the shower.

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Thanks Kathleen! I try ;-)
That is how I feel about towels too. They can easily go a few days before having to be washed.