Monday, November 9

Close Encounters of the Third-Grade Kind Winners

Congratulations to the 2 winners of this hilarious book (CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD GRADE KIND) by veteran teacher Phillip Done
Kathleen W. said...
I worked as an art teacher before having my son, and some of the things that kids would do and say cracked me up. Especially some of the drawings they'd make. The one that stands out, which is both funny and sad, was a picture that said "Welcome Home Grandpa" with a drawing of Grandpa coming home from prison.

nynekats said...
When I was in kindergarten, during naptime, I sleptwalked and peed in the corner trashcan. I thought it was the bathroom apparently. Luckily only the teacher saw. LOL
These stories are just as funny as the ones that Mr. Done has included in his book (like when he barracked his bedroom door in hopes of catching the tooth fairy...both my husband and I laughed at that one)
I passed my copy along to my son's teacher and she said that she alternates between laughing aloud and nodding in agreement.
Thank you to everyone who entered, to The Hachette Book Group for sponsoring the giveaway, and to Mr. Done for taking such good notes over his years of teaching!


Kim Kasch said...

I have a story like that. I crawled in bed with my Mom and Dad when I was about two and peed on my dad. Mom said, I thought I was in the bathroom. :(

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

LOL Kim! I bet your dad loves to tell that story ;-)