Friday, April 8

3 R Friday

Welcome to 3 R Friday

A weekly series of simple tips geared toward helping you darken your shade of green. Easily.

Reduce: Reduce your paper waste by using reusable napkins.

Reuse: Crochet your plastic bags into a bag-of-bags.

No matter how hard we try we just don't seem to be able to completely rid our home of plastic bags. The few bags that do wander into our home now go straight to my friend who crochets them into a bag.

Recycle: Purchase items that can be recycled.

Hope you found these tips helpful. Feel free to share any tips you may have.

Have a Great Green Weekend!


Eco Yogini said...

hmmm, i've never thought of crochet-ing plastic bags! clever :)

Yes of course, I would love if you linked my worm-post :) So glad you enjoyed it! (hehe, not as if composting is a 'sexy' topic lol).

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Yaa! I will guest post it on Monday. Thanks.

I am trying to get my friend to do a guest post about her bag-of-bags. It is so cool looking and very sturdy. She is in the middle of making another one. Some people are so talented.