Thursday, April 14

Review: TerraCycle's All Purpose Cleaner

Prior to my blogging hiatus TerraCycle had sent me a bottle of their All Purpose Cleaner  to try out. Since using it the first time it has become my primary kitchen sink and microwave cleaner.
Sadly I never got around to writing my review (Sorry guys).
Better late than never I hope!

Let's start with what TerraCycle says about this All Purpose Cleaner:

TerraCycle’s cleaners are derived from organic essential oils and natural plant and mineral extract. Our All-Purpose Cleaner is certified non-toxic, biodegradable and hypo-allergenic making it safer for you, your pets, and the planet. But being responsibly formulated is not enough. TerraCycle cleaners are extremely effective against dirt, grease, fingerprints and grime. Both the bottle and the spray cap are rescued from industrial waste streams and used for packaging on this and other products created by TerraCycle. Like all our Cleaners, the All-Purpose Cleaner comes with the Eco-Logo, the strictest certification given by the Canadian Government.

My kitchen sink is stainless steel and this  All Purpose Cleaner is perfect for cleaning the food and grim off it without leaving a residue or streaks. It actually leaves the sink shiny again! That probably has something to do with the citrus in it. Which also gives it a pleasant smell and not that typical cleaner type smell.

Together with my Skoy cloth I found the perfect combination for cleaning my microwave.
It seems that I don't have to scrub as hard to remove the stuck on yucks from the microwave. And once again, the microwave door glass is streak-free.

I do have to invert the bottle a couple of time before I use it to mix up the solution again (probably because I have had it for a while).

Which is another plus, a little bit goes a long way so it lasts a long time.

I also love that it uses an upcycled bottle, which I can either recycle when I'm done or send it back to TerraCycle via their bottle brigade.

Over all, I would recommend this cleaner. 

I was given 1 bottle of all purpose cleaner by TerraCycle to try out. In return I agreed to write a review of the product. The opinions written here are my honest opinions and not influenced by the company..
Original post of Over Coffee-the green edition. Not to be used or copied in any way without written permission..

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