Tuesday, August 26

More excited then nervous

Now that I have a few posts written and in the que waiting for the big re-launch I am starting to feel less nervous and more excited.

I really hope that the readers find my posts informative and funny and not dry and preachy.

I hope that the readers start making little changes in their life to help the environment. I hope that those readers go out and tell others about the changes they are making and we start a whole “Pay-it-forward” type effect. It would make me feel so good knowing that I had a small part in doing that. I know that might sound soap-boxy and fake but it really is the truth.

Another thing that I have been doing to get ready for the re-launch is working on this blog. I have been blogging privately since 2005 but looking back at my posts I found that I did not feel comfortable exposing my family, friends, co-workers, and named strangers to “the world” without their permission. So as a way to let you get to know me without exposing “them” I am going to do a few back posts. Hope you enjoy leaning about my, oh so exciting, sarcastic, hectic, and sometimes boring life that I love so much.

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