Friday, December 26

Phosphate Free Cleaners

As my regular cleaners run out I am replacing them with Green ones.

For detergents this means a Phosphate Free replacement.
According to Yahoo Green: When phosphates wind up in waterways like rivers and coastal areas, they can “fertilize” algae populations, leading to large algal blooms which in turn can choke out plant and animal life in aquatic ecosystems. This is called eutrification, and along with agricultural runoff, can contribute to aquatic dead zones.

Sounds like a pretty good reason to me, but will phosphate free detergents really work?
This one will!

Method Smarty Dishwasher Detergent

Just 1 light-weight oval shaped powder pellet in the main detergent compartment is all that is needed. It is amazing how well it works.
Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry are the creators of the people-safe, environmentally aware, and animal-friendly Method product lines; they have an amazing ability to make products that smell amazing, work extremely well, are biodegradable, are naturally derived, and are packaged in an environmentally smart way.
In addition to all that, Method also uses humor in their advertising(something near and dear to my heart).
I can tell you that Method products are quickly becoming the staple green cleaners in my home.
Next time you need to replace your dish washing detergent replace it with a phosphate free one. Or, stop by your local Target store and pick up some Method Smarty Dishwasher Detergent to try out for yourself. I don't think you will be disappointed!

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