Monday, January 12

Microfiber Towel Review

The approach that my family and I have taken to going green has been the gradual approach. Over the past year we have made lifestyle changes and product chooses that are more eco-friendly and healthier. We have found this approach to be less overwhelming and way easier to stick to. One of the small changes we have made is to stop using paper towels to clean our mirrors with.

This change has been very easy with the help of these Microfiber towels from

These super-soft microfiber towels don’t leave streaks when we use them! A huge plus for me when I am cleaning windows, mirrors, and faucets (one of my pet peeves is water spots on my faucets but I digress) plus you can just throw them in the wash when you are done. originally sent me these towels to try out with their waterless car washing product (which I have yet to try and probably won’t until spring but I digress again) Until then, I will continue to use them for a streak free cleaning.

Some of the features of these Microfiber towels are:
  • They can be used wet or dry
  • They can hold seven times their weight in water
  • Can be used to clean metal, glass, wood, leather, or vinyl
  • Will clean without scratching or leaving swirl marks

Click over to and pick up a few for yourself. I am pretty sure you will be able to find many uses for them.

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