Wednesday, February 18

Go Baby Organic T-shirt Review

My daughter was very excited when she learned that the small envelope I received from Go contained something for her. She quickly ripped open the envelope, pulled out her 100% organic t-shirt, and gave it a big hug (I wish I had the camera on hand for that).

After a quick wash (in cold water) and a day of hang drying, she was extremely happy when I told her that she could finally wear her new shirt.

The first thing she said was, “It’s so soft!” I definitely agree with that!
I don’t know why 100 % organic cotton is so much softer than regular cotton but it is (which is a huge plus with items like towels and shirts).

I asked my daughter how she liked her shirt and she said, “Good”

There you have it, the “Soft & Good” seal of approval from my 3 yr old daughter!

Eco-minded Parent + Growing Up Green + Eco-minded Child = A better world for all of us!

This is Go Baby’s thoughts behind their 100% organic cotton T-shirts and Onezees

  • A much more environmentally sustainable method of manufacturing
  • Organically grown cotton is not treated with pesticides, herbicides or petroleum based fertilizers!
  • Organic cotton is less likely to trigger skin allergies
  • Designer styles that won’t hurt mother earth
  • 7 original designs inspired by care labels. (100% soft, Hand wash only, 100% natural)
  • Go is supporting Organic Farming!

  • Onezee Sizes: 0-9 month & 10-18 month

  • T-shirt Sizes: 2T/3T and 4T/5T

(Like all clothing, the fitting sizes vary so be sure to look at the size chart before purchasing. My daughter is wearing the 4T/5T)

In addition to their 100% organic cotton t-shirts and onezees, Go carries hats, scarves, mats, muffatees, & nursing bracelets (a clever & attractive beaded bracelet to help moms remember when their little-one was last fed)

Purchasing 100% organic (soft & good) cotton t-shirts and onezees from Go is a great way for us moms to show our commitment to the health of Mother Earth and our children.

Go Green: Read the green basics from on organic cotton. Lots of great information!


spa candles said...

Wow! Not only are we supporting organic farmers but we also are helping promote organic cotton products! :)

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Good Point Spa Candles! The more we promote and purchase eco-friendly products the better it is for everyone. Thanks for stopping by.